At The McClain Marketing Group we take creativity to the next level. Forget coming second - we make you the best!


McClain Marketing Group provides marketing and sales support services. We work with all sizes of businesses, from a strategic situation or on a project basis, we're able to provide assistance, help, consultancy and importantly implementation of your marketing and sales plans and strategies.


McClain Marketing Group works with you to grow your business, by providing marketing and sales support services. We're able to work in numerous ways including a fixed price range of services that can be tailored to every size of business. If our assistance is mostly at the end of a phone or e mail then that's fine and our virtual marketing package.


Today's marketing environment is tough. With the economy still on the mend and consumers having more choices than ever for product and service provides, is critical that your business stands out. A great way to separate yourself from the competition is by producing the best marketing materials possible. That's where McClain Marketing Group comes in. We'll combine your great business idea with our great creative ideas to develop a campaign that will get noticed. 


From color and image choices to messaging and tone, everything we do will reflect your business and will appeal to your customers. Ready to try something new? Call us today 


                   WE CAN'T WAIT TO WORK WITH YOU!






Our Thinking

“McClain Marketing Group have the BEST creative team in the Country"

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